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Hydra Light Emergency Mini-Light

The Emergency Mini-Light is a single use LED flash light with a water activated power source similar to the HC2D Energy-Cell. Two bright LEDs provide directional light to illuminate areas or situations where bright light is needed away from access to conventional batteries or electrical grids.The Mini-Light can be stored prior to first use for years in its hermetically sealed packaging. It is activated instantly to full capacity simply by dipping the base in water. Once activated the Mini-Light will operate continuously for several days. The Mini-Light begins to lose brightness it can be temporarily re-furbished by dipping in salt water. This can be done a number of times before final disposal.

- for emergency situations (independence)
- small and light
- burning time up to 72 h (after activation)
- years of storage are possible before use
- with on / off switch

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Hydra Light Emergency Mini-Light
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