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BasicNature Folding Alu Windshield

The lighter models in good workmanship. With the help of the windscreen, the heat output or burning time of your stove or grill is significantly increased. Sometimes cooking is only possible with a windscreen and safety is considerably improved. In the event of strong gusts, however, the windbreak should also be secured. At both ends with pins for securing.

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Pimp your stove. A windbreak significantly reduces the wind influence on the cooker and thus reduces - due to less heat loss from the wind-cooled pot and the poor combustion performance of the cooker - the amount of fuel required. If you want to reduce fuel and therefore weight and costs, you can use this inexpensive aid. By the way, also good for candles...

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BasicNature Folding Alu Windshield - 49 x 26 cm
Item Nr.: 052900
BasicNature Folding Alu Windshield - 78 x 26 cm
Item Nr.: 052950