Our manufacturers - Coghlans

Coghlans was founded on 15th of April 1959. Mr. Norm Coghlan took over thereby a service station of the Coleman company with both workers and traded from now on under 'Coghlans gas Appliances Ltd..'.

He learned soon details of the campers desires, who brought lanterns and stoves to the repair. Thereby also the question arose again and again: How can I make myself a fresh toast on the Coleman stove? There was at that time already such a product on the American market and with the inquiry experienced Norm Coghlan, that the production should be given up. Thus 25,000 camping toasters moved to 0.25 each cent into the company Coghlans. They got the article number 504A and up to today approx. 7 million were sold! This was the beginning of distribution with camping equipment. The toaster is with us by the way under number 380504

. Followed soon by stove lighter and lantern lighters. A suitable packing was created to the products and its own catalogue was provided. Coghlans developed rapidly and supplies today to 25 countries its extensive program of camping accessories.

Coghlans is by the way still a family business and Mr. Rob Coghlan worries personally about the correct selection of the articles. We are proud, to represent the company Coghlans in Europe and can offer you a lot of interest and very nice products.

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