Our manufacturers - today: Nalgene

NALGENE Consumer Products is a division of Nalge Nunc International Corporation, headquartered in Rochester, New York. Founded in 1949 as a manufacturer of the first plastic pipette holder, the company soon expanded its product line to include state-of-the-art polyethylene labware under the NALGENE brand.

Today Nalge Nunc international Corp. is part of Thermo Fisher Scientific Inc., the leading provider of laboratory products and services in the high-growth life, laboratory and health sciences industry.

By the 1970s, outdoor enthusiasts had discovered the taste- and odor-resistant, leakproof and rugged properties of the large selection of NALGENE plastic containers. In response to this emerging demand, the NALGENE Consumer Products Division was formed. Every product we manufacture is subject to stringent quality assurance procedures. Nalge Nunc Internationals (NNI) Rochester, New York manufacturing facilities extended their Quality System to be in compliance to ISO13485:2003 in May 2004. This upgrade supercedes the ISO 9001 system that was in place since May 1995. Our sites are also registered with the U.S. Food and Drug Administration as Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) facilities (Reg. No. 1314344), which further demonstrates our consistent devotion to customer satisfaction. We manufacture our products ourselves in own production facilities. This is tremendous advantage when it comes for example to monitoring quality and price stability. Our laboratory and life sciences industry background are great selling features.

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